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Serene Harmony - Jade and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Serene Harmony - Jade and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Discover the harmonious combination of Jade and Freshwater Pearls with our Serene Harmony Bracelet. This stunning piece captures the essence of tranquility and elegance, bringing a sense of balance and serenity to your everyday style.

Jade is revered as a powerful gemstone for its ability to promote harmony and balance. It is believed to bring luck, protect against negative energies, and enhance feelings of peace and tranquility. Jade is also associated with abundance and prosperity.

Freshwater Pearls, known for their timeless beauty and lustrous glow, symbolize purity and feminine energy. They are believed to enhance emotional healing and spiritual growth, fostering a sense of inner strength and wisdom.

The design of this bracelet seamlessly combines the calming green hues of Jade with the iridescent beauty of Freshwater Pearls. The alternating arrangement of these gemstones creates a visually appealing and balanced look.

Embrace the Serene Harmony of our Jade and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet and let its tranquil energies infuse your daily life. Wear it as a reminder to cultivate inner balance, embrace beauty, and radiate a sense of calm and grace wherever you go.

chain:18k plated

Length: 13cm + 4cm extension

Size of the bead:6mm


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