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925 Sterling Silver Dharma String Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Dharma String Bracelet

Symbol of Dharma crafted with pure silver,, representing the pursuit of truth and enlightenment.

This bracelet not only exudes elegance but also holds powerful energetic properties. Silver is known for its ability to enhance intuition, clarity, and emotional balance. It is believed to remove negative energies and promote harmony and serenity.

Wearing this Dharma bracelet serves as a constant reminder to stay aligned with your higher self and purpose. 

Adjustable bracelet that fits comfortably on any wrist.

Embrace the purity and positive energy of our Silver Serenity Dharma bracelet and let it guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth. Channel the tranquility and wisdom of Dharma as you navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity.


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Every bracelet tells a story, a reminder for you and family.All the bracelets are crafted by hand with the utmost care and attention.

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