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Nature Crystal Chakra Engraved Round Shape Stone

Nature Crystal Chakra Engraved Round Shape Stone

Our beautiful set of 7 flat, circular semi-precious stones in original chakra colours and symbols features a collection of powerful crystals carefully selected to align and balance your chakras. This set includes seven stunning stones:

Amethyst: Known for its calming properties, amethyst helps to soothe the mind, promote relaxation, and enhance spiritual awareness.

White Crystal (Clear Quartz): A versatile and highly energizing stone, white crystal amplifies the energy of other crystals, purifies the mind and body, and brings balance and clarity.

Lapis Lazuli: Enhance your communication and intuition with lapis lazuli. This stone stimulates the Third Eye chakra, aiding in self-expression and spiritual insight.

Green Aventurine: Bring abundance and luck into your life with green aventurine. It is also known for its healing properties, promoting emotional well-being and a sense of tranquility.

Topazite (Citrine): This vibrant stone radiates positivity and joy, attracting success and abundance into your life. It stimulates the Solar Plexus chakra and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Red Agate: Associated with the root chakra, red agate provides stability, grounding, and strength. It offers protection from negative energies and promotes inner stability.

Red Jasper: This grounding stone stimulates vitality, courage, and endurance. Red jasper promotes stability and serves as a gentle reminder to stay connected to the Earth's energy.

To harness the power of this stone set, you can place them on the corresponding chakra during meditation or lay them on your body during energy healing sessions. You can also carry them in your pocket or wear them as jewelry to benefit from their energy throughout the day.

As you incorporate these natural crystal chakra engraved round shape stones into your daily practice, you will experience a harmonious flow of energy, increased vitality, and a deeper connection with your higher self. Embrace the power of crystal energy and embark on a transformative journey of balance, healing, and personal growth.

Stone Round Shape 3.5cm

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