The Power of vajra knot



Buddhism has a tradition of wearing sungkü (སྲུང་སྐུད་) or protection cords, also known as sungdü (སྲུང་མདུད་), or protection knots. The blessed protection cords are believed to have been invested with spiritual power and are said to help protect the person who wears it from problems and misfortunes.

The most common knot resembles a vajra, which symbolizes the indestructible nature of ultimate reality. It also represents the innate power and essence of the enlightenment of the Buddhas. Some cords have one knot while others may have three, five, nine or as many as twenty-one knots.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Vajra Knot is used in various rituals and is often seen in the form of jewelry, such as pendants or bracelets, as a symbol of protection, spiritual strength, and the inseparability of wisdom and compassion. It is a powerful and revered symbol in both religious and cultural contexts.

Combining the Vajra Knot with a red string bracelet infuses the jewelry with the symbolism of protection, spiritual strength, and positive energy. Wearers may use this bracelet as a talisman to shield themselves from negativity, promote a sense of well-being, and connect with the wisdom and compassion represented by the Vajra Knot. It's a powerful combination of spiritual and cultural symbolism.


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