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Dai-Komyo Japanese religious symbol crystal set

Dai-Komyo Japanese religious symbol crystal set

The Dai-Komyo symbol is a significant symbol in Japanese religious and spiritual practices, particularly in the context of Reiki[1][2]. The symbol is composed of four Japanese kanji characters: 大 (Dai), 光 (Ko), 明 (Myo), and 日本 (Nihon), which translate to "great," "bright," "light," and "Japan" respectively.

The symbol Dai-Komyo represents "great enlightenment" and is often referred to as the master symbol in Reiki. It is associated with activating positive energy, healing a person's aura, chakras, and even the soul[1]. The symbol serves as a powerful conduit for spiritual growth, facilitating mental and spiritual transformation.

The true meaning and interpretation of the Dai-Komyo symbol can vary across different traditions and practitioners. It is important to note that the symbol's significance and interpretation may go beyond the scope of this brief explanation, and further research or consulting with experts in Japanese religious and spiritual practices may provide a more comprehensive understanding.


Stone Thickness: approximately 6mm,

Weight: 25g, Round sharp: approximately 25mm

Set of 4

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