The red string meaning


The origins of the red string can be found in multiple cultures, namely,  Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah, and Ancient Chinese lore. 

In Hinduism

People are used to tying red strings around their wrists to pray for God's blessing. For men it is tied on the right wrist, for women, it is tied on the left wrist.

This red rope represents the blessing of the Trinity, which is the blessing of the three main gods of Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and their wives Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga. Each god also has a different division of labor and performs their duties. Brahma blesses compassion, Vishnu blesses self-defense, Shiva blesses avoiding bad influences, and Saraswati bestows wisdom. , Lakshmi bestows luck and Durga bestows strength. Some people also believe that the red rope obtained in the temple can enhance immunity and protect against illness.


                 Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wore the Hindu red string bracelet.

In Buddhism

In the Legends the primitive religion "Bon Religion" on the Snowy Plateau, the universe is divided into three worlds: "God, Man, and Ghost". In order to avoid the invasion of ghosts, people painted red dye on the face。

Red symbolizes bravery, blood, and protection.  the red rope is blessed by the Buddha. Wearing it can avoid evil and keep you safe. It can also calm your heart and purify unhealthy distracting thoughts.

In Christianity

A scarlet thread was wrapped around the hand of two biblical figures, Pharez and Zarah, in Genesis 38 in the Bible. In the passage, the thread symbolizes redemption. 

In Kabbalah

The Red string is used for protection against what the Zohar terms: evil eye.

t is an ancient tradition to wind a Red String seven times around the tomb of Rachel, the great Matriarch. Rachel, wife of Jacob, gave birth after many barren years to two sons, Joseph, and later Benjamin. During the birth of Benjamin, Rachel passed away, and was buried on the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the Land of Israel.

"Rachel evokes the element of protection from the universe."

After the Red String is wound around the tomb, it is endowed with mystical powers. It is then cut into pieces and worn on the left wrist. The left hand is considered by Kabbalah to be the receiving side for the body and soul. By wearing The Red String on our left wrist, we can receive a vital connection to the protective energies surrounding the tomb of Rachel.

It also allows us to take Rachel's powerful protective energy with us and draw from it anytime.

In Orient

An oriental legend claims that people destined to meet are connected by an invisible red thread. This thread never disappears and remains constantly tied around your finger, despite time and distance.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to meet that person or how long you spend without seeing them. It doesn’t even matter if you live on the other side of the world. In fact, the thread will stretch to infinity but it’ll never break.

This invisible thread has been tied around your finger since your birth and will stay with you, sometimes tighter and sometimes looser, sometimes tangled and sometimes untangled, throughout your life. In fact, the legend says that the old lunar matchmaker god goes out every night to meet the newborns and tie a red string around their fingers. A thread that’ll decide their future and who they meet, a thread that’ll guide these souls so they never get lost.

A red string straight to the heart

This legend is ingrained in Eastern cultures  and millions of people believe they have a red thread attached to them. I. However, they say it began when they learned that the ulna artery .connects the little finger with the heart, the source of life, and the home of love. Other sources speak of the ring finger, which tends to be more traditional in our culture. 

It’s an unbreakable red thread that’ll never fray no matter what you do. A red thread straight to your heart, which connects you to your eternal love. The love that’ll be forever. It can relate to the love of a mother, a father, a brother, a child, a friend, a man, or a woman… It’s a red thread that symbolizes love and common interest… The magic of the heart. 



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