History and Meaning behind the knot symbol


Today, Celtic knots can still be seen on crosses, churches, and other historic public spaces throughout Ireland. Celtic knots are also a popular part of the visual culture for many of Irish-American heritage. Despite the fact that the Celtic civilization has long since ceased to exist.

You can date the use of Knots all the way back as far as the 8th century, used in artwork and decoration. Some researchers have even suggested that Knots could have been used as far back as 500 B.C, however, it’s difficult to find enough evidence from so long ago.



The ancient Celts drew it as a symbol to ward off illness or setbacks that might interfere with a peaceful and stable life. These knots were later widely used in badges, jewelry, clothing or home decoration. It is believed that a gift adorned with a Celtic knot will bring the best wishes and good luck to someone else.

The famous Book of kells has many Celtic knot examples throughout its illustrious pages.

 These knots are complete loops that have no start or finish and could be said to represent eternity whether this means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolizes how life and eternity are interconnected. 

it does seem as if the interlaced designs was a reflection of the Celtic belief in life’s interconnectedness and continuity.

 The Chinese Mystic Knot

the Chinese Mystic or Endless Knot which is commonly used in Feng Shui. The Chinese mystic knot is a complex knot made up of six times the infinite number. Hence it is endless and brings a happy and prosperous long life to its owner. Feng Shui masters will tie this knot to other objects such as jade or gold and place it in an auspicious Feng Shui position or corners to enhance the Feng Shui of the property. The endless knot with no ending symbolizes the harmonious flow of Chi without any interruption thus bringing good fortune and health. These Chinese mystic knots are also used as amulets and talisman for protection.

The Tibetan Buddhist also regards the Mystic Knot as one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols. The endless flow of the knot symbolizes the Buddhist belief of births and rebirths, and of the Buddhist philosophy of no beginning and no ending.

A Knot’s Meaning can vary since they have a lot of different interpretations. They’re generally viewed as a positive symbol, which can signify emotions such as love and happiness, as well as virtues such as faith and friendship. The overarching meaning seems to be the interconnectivity of life.

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