What is the real meaning of Fan Tai Sui ? How to deal with it?

In Chinese astrology, Fan Tai Sui is a significant concept associated with challenges and obstacles during a lunar year. For those who follow Chinese astrology, understanding Fan Tai Sui and finding ways to deal with it is crucial. This blog explores the meaning of Fan Tai Sui and introduces effective methods, including the use of red string bracelets and spiritual jewelry, to mitigate its effects.

What is Fan Tai Sui?

Fan Tai Sui refers to "offending the Grand Duke Jupiter" or "clashing with Tai Sui." Tai Sui is considered the God of the Year in Chinese mythology. Every year, Tai Sui changes its position in accordance with the ruling Chinese zodiac animal sign. Fan Tai Sui occurs when a person's zodiac animal sign clashes with the Tai Sui of that particular year. It is believed that this clash may bring about bad luck, obstacles, and disturbances in different aspects of life.


Dealing with Fan Tai Sui:

While Fan Tai Sui is perceived as a negative influence, there are several traditional practices and beliefs to minimize its impact:

  • Respect and appease Tai Sui: People who believe in Tai Sui may pay homage by displaying or wearing protective talismans or charms associated with Tai Sui for the year. These talismans are believed to help appease the deity and minimize potential negative effects.


  • Adjusting personal behavior: It is commonly advised to be more cautious during a Tai Sui year and avoid engaging in risky or impulsive activities. Practitioners of Chinese astrology recommend maintaining a positive attitude, being respectful, avoiding conflicts, and showing humility to reduce the likelihood of encountering difficulties.


  • Offerings and prayers: Some individuals may choose to make offerings or perform prayers to Tai Sui at specific temples or during certain dates, seeking blessings and protection from potential hardships.


  • Wearing auspicious colors: Wearing auspicious colors associated with one's zodiac sign is believed to help ward off negative energies and enhance one's luck during a Fan Tai Sui year.


  • Consulting a Feng Shui or Bazi expert: For those seeking more personalized guidance, consulting a Feng Shui or Bazi expert can provide specific advice on how to best navigate the challenges of a Fan Tai Sui year based on one's individual birth chart.


  • Wearing Red String Bracelets: Red string bracelets are believed to possess protective qualities and serve as an amulet against evil spirits and negative energy. Wearing a red string bracelet, commonly made of thin red thread, is considered a powerful tool to ward off malevolent influences, including Fan Tai Sui. It is believed to create a protective shield and attract positive energies for the wearer.


Fan Tai Sui refers to a clash with the Grand Duke Jupiter, Tai Sui, which is believed to bring obstacles and challenges during a lunar year. While some consider Fan Tai Sui as a superstition, many individuals follow certain practices to minimize its potential negative effects. These practices include showing respect to Tai Sui, adjusting personal behavior, making offerings, wearing auspicious colors, and seeking guidance from experts. Engaging in these practices is believed to help individuals navigate the challenges brought by Fan Tai Sui and enhance their luck and well-being.

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